Kirk Cameron leaves California 'for safety and security': report

Actor Kirk Cameron has joined the growing list of Hollywood celebrities fleeing California, the Washington Examiner reports. 

Cameron told the publication Wednesday he left the Golden State and moved to Tennessee because California was "creating so much division" and he wanted a place that had a "healthy freedom mindset."

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"It’s pretty clear that California has been moving in a particular direction for a long time," he told the Examiner.

Cameron, a father of six, said he's discovered the Volunteer State has "a lot of California refugees," including "creatives" from Hollywood creating a growing entertainment industry community. 

"It’s shocking how many Californians are here. And when I see them in the grocery store, I tell them, ‘Don’t California our Tennessee,'" he told the publication.

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He also said many families are moving out of California for states with better property values and quality of life, adding that families want to "be around like-minded people for safety and for security."

Cameron also called Tennessee a place with "good wholesome values and, equally as important, good whiskey."

Other celebrities who have made Tennessee their new home include Jessica Simpson and Candace Cameron Bure. 

During an interview with Fox News Digital, Bure shared that security concerns played a major role in her decision.

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"We didn't feel safe anymore," the former "Full House" star admitted. "And that was the biggest reason that we moved."

Bure recalled that her family had "quite a few problems over the years" with fans taking photos, hiding on their property and coming up to their door.

Simpson revealed her family is much happier in Tennessee. 

"Being in Nashville, even my kids are like, 'You laugh the whole time. You're so happy,'" she revealed to E! News.

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"It's because I'm not on guard. I'm with a lot of like-minded people. It's not about the celebrities … It's really about the music and the heart … the conversation."

Other celebs who have moved out of California include Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, Katherine Heigl, Mark Wahlberg, Sylvester Stallone, Jillian Michaels, Dean Cain, and Scott Baio.

FOX News contributed to this report.