Kitten survives close call with trash compactor

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Workers at a Sacramento area recycling plant made an unexpected discovery and it came just in the nick of time.

A worker sorting through recyclables spotted a tiny kitten buried in debris on the conveyer belt.

It was heading right for the compactor, so he quickly grabbed it, saving its life.

“It was just surrounded by a bunch of debris and material. I mean, it was hard to see it, but I spotted it really quick,” said Tony Miranda.

To get onto the conveyor, employees say the kitten probably survived riding in a garbage truck, getting pushed by a tractor and falling onto several other conveyor belts,

The plant’s shift supervisor, who was there when the cat was found, became so fond of the little feline that she adopted it.

She decided to name the kitten in honor of where it was found; employees call the material recovery facility “Murph”, so the lucky kitten was called “Murphy.”

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