Labor Day protest at Kaiser Permanente, Danny Glover to speak

Thousands of workers from Kaiser Permante are protesting on Labor Day in Oakland, marching against what they call the company's unfair labor practices. 

Leaders who have gathered at Mosswood Park across from Kaiser said the nonprofit hospital has shifted away from prioritizing patients to instead making the top executives wealthier.

Several speakers are lined up including actor Danny Glover joined thousands at a 10 a.m. rally. "The struggle continues," he told the crowd.

Similar rallies are planned for Los Angeles, Denver and Portland among other cities. 

After the 30-minute rally, workers will march to the hospital and about 80 people are expected to block the intersection.

The national union contract expired at the end of last year and since then the national labor relations board charged Kaiser Permante with failing to bargain in good faith. 

Representatives from Kaiser Permante have released a statement saying in part, "We may have occasional disagreement, but we always work through these challenges to align on common goals that are in the best interest of our members, patients, employees and the communities we serve."