Lakeville school district sued over 'Black Lives Matter' posters

A group of Lakeville families have filed a discrimination lawsuit against the school district alleging officials allowed "Black Lives Matter" posters in schools, but did not allow "All Lives Matter" posters. 

According to the lawsuit, Independent School District 194, also referred to as Lakeville Area Schools, created an "Inclusive Poster Series" in April, which included two posters that said "Black Lives Matter." The two posters also reportedly stated: "At Lakeville Area Schools we believe Black Lives Matter and stand with the social justice movement this statement represents. This poster is aligned to School Board policy and an unwavering commitment to our Black students, staff and community members."

The school district has a policy which asks for neutrality on all political issues, the lawsuit says.  

This all boiled over at a school board meeting on June 8, where families argued the "Black Lives Matter" slogan was political and it was unfair to allow one slogan over another.

"We all know changing the font or the color of posters does not change the meaning. I am 9 years old, and I know that. You expect me to believe that you did not know what you were doing by making these posters? Come on, people," a 9-year-old Lakeville student who is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. 

The lawsuit asks the judge to rule that Lakeville is violating First Amendment rights and the Civil Rights Act by creating a hostile educational environment.