Large tree falls on house, car in Danville

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A very close call for an East Bay couple when a giant oak tree came crashing down on top of their car.

Bob Tiernan and his wife were driving down Calle Arroyo in the Danville neighborhood of Diablo when they heard a cracking noise.

Moments later, the 400-year-old oak tree came crashing down smashing the front end of their car, shattering their windows and bringing down power lines. 

It happened around 11:45 Saturday morning. 

A man who was walking his dog in the area says when he heard the cracking sounds, he yelled at Tiernan to stop his car. 

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the giant tree demolished part of a house as it fell. 

Tiernan says he and his wife are lucky to be alive.

Authorities are currently on-scene and PG and E has shut down the power in the area.