Legally blind boy sees mom for first time with eSight

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Meet 12-year-old Chris. He's never been able to see his mother really well, as he was born with optic nerve hypoplasia which has rendered him legally blind. He can see things close up, as long as they're about five inches from his face. When it comes to school, he can't see the blackboard but is able to do his homework in Braille with a special typewriter.

Thanks to technology, Chris can see! It's called eSight, a special set of electronic glasses. These will help him with his school work, which is mostly completed on computers by all students.

It's also going to make him have an easier life, taking in everything around him, both near and far.

His mother, Marquita, says...

But the eSight glasses don't come cheap. They run $15,000. To help with the cost, his mother set up a crowdfunding account--which has surpassed its goal! Chris has so many fans who want him to see the entire world!

Check out the crowdfunding page

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