Levi's Stadium hosts pre-Super Bowl security drill

There was a big pre-Super Bowl security and response drill at Levi's Stadium Tuesday involving all manner of agencies planning for the worst at the premier sports event in the nation.

The media was initially invited to the drill, but then law enforcement agencies changed their minds after questions arose whether the Paris attacks had an impact on what American security forces might do.

"Have we done anything different in respect to Paris? I don't want to answer that question other than to say that we're gonna  do everything that we feel is necessary, as far as training and preparation to make sure that this event is safe," said Special Agent Bertram Fairries of the FBI.

"We're aware of current events and we're always looking to improve and make our operation as safe as possible," adds Captain Phil Cook of the Santa Clara Police Department.

Officials say the drill was planned well before the Paris attacks and nothing has changed the ongoing drill as yet. There were plenty of emergency personnel and vehicles from a wide range of agencies, civilian and military.

We could see bits and pieces of the drill but only from afar.  One drill employed the use of a huge Army Chinook helicopter which can be used to deliver first responders or pick up wounded people.

"We don't want to advertise our security protocols, so we try to keep this discreet.  So, there's certain things we don't want filmed and we don't want publicized," said Cook.

"And, particularly when faced with an event like the Super bowl, we want to take all the precautions that we can," added Fairres.

While any news crew would love to show you what's going on in there, the attack in Paris and the response to it has raised the stakes here in the homeland. Given the stakes here, the restrictions seem reasonable.