Levi's Stadium transformed into 9-hole golf course

There is some new and unusual play calling from inside Levi’s Stadium this week. Instead of NFL football, you might hear some golfers saying "fore." That’s because Levi’s Stadium has been transformed into a nine-hole golf course.

When you tee off at most golf courses, the 50-yard line seven floors down is not the usual target. However, when you're teeing off from high in the stands at Levi’s Stadium, trying to hit one of the pins in the middle of the field far below is not easy.  

"I am really up here high," said golfer Ed Blom. Blom said he’s really more of a 49ers fan than a golfer but says the challenge is certainly unique.  

"You have got to take into account how far it is to the hole and, because you are up here, how hard you need to swing to get it there," Blom said. 

For golfer Rocky Reyes and his friends, there’s some good-natured ribbing but his love of the 49ers is also part of the appeal. 

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"I love being in this stadium…I like the fact that we can be here when no one else is here and hit golf balls out onto the field…that is the allure," Reyes said. 

This event is called "Upper Deck Golf."  The organization travels to pro sports stadiums around the nation to bring a twist to the golf experience. 

"You literally will hit the ball, and it will be in the air for six or seven seconds before it lands.  So we do have the adjusted slope distances posted at each hole," said Brian Graham, the co-founder of Upper Deck Golf.  

Nobody is expecting a hole-in-one at this golf course. 

"I have never golfed at levels like this from the bottom to the middle to the top," said golfer Dave Gonzales.  

Hit inside the circle and that’s a birdie, get on the green, and you have par, anywhere else is considered a bogie. 

"This is our first time doing this, and we are like we are definitely going to do this again next year," said golfer Victor Robledo.  

The Upper Deck Golf event costs $89 dollars which will give you 18 balls and nine holes of golf. Clubs are also included and are positioned at each of the nine holes.  

The golf event at Levi’s runs through 9 p.m. Saturday night.