Life-size teddy bear walking from LA to SF almost to finish line

A photo of 'Bearsun' standing in the middle of a California highway.

A giant teddy bear that has been trekking across California entirely on foot for nearly two weeks has finally made its way to the Bay Area. 

The furry "stuffed" animal who goes by "Bearsun" was greeted in San Jose with a big sofa chair and some encouraging words as he makes his way to his final destination—San Francisco. 

Bearsun started his journey in Los Angeles on April 12 and had intended to reach San Francisco by April 17, but that didn't quite go as planned. It will take him about 16 hours to walk from San Jose to San Francisco, which means he won't cross the finish line until Friday, April 22. 

He camped outside the entire time along journey and documented the adventure on Instagram.