Lil Nas X 'made it rain' on drag performers at SF Oasis this weekend

On the weekend his ‘Long Live Montero Tour’ made its way to San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, rapper Lil Nas X was seen among the audience at the city's premiere cabaret, drag, and burlesque nightclub, Oasis

The rapper, né Montero Lamar Hill, was seen in the SoMa club Saturday night, taking in the ‘Boo-lesque’ Halloween incarnation of Princess Dance Party. The party incorporates drag and is the brainchild of Tito Soto, also one of the performers. 

Club owner and nightlife producer, D'Arcy Drollinger described the event as, "good and sexy fun up his alley." He also assured us the "giant rock star" tipped well "making it rain" on performers. "His security contacted our security," Drollinger said of how the logistics were ironed out ahead of time. The rapper was actually supposed to be there for his show's after party, but he ended up coming one night earlier. 

"He wasn't milling about the crowd. He had his own VIP section." Drollinger noted that Lil Nas X paid the cover for his party. He said that was very telling of his generosity. 

While the queens were excited he was in the building, they were the stars of the show that night. "When he was leaving, he was talking to Nicki Jizz (drag performer) and was even getting tacos from the taco truck that parks outside," said Drollinger.   

Lil Nas X at San Francisco's Oasis over the weekend. 

As for whether Drollinger attended Lil Nas X's show at the Bill Graham on Sunday, he referred to him as the "largest, most-visible out (LGBTQ) pop star we've ever had" adding, "I would not miss it." 

And the show apparently did not disappoint. "The dancers were amazing," Drollinger said. "He's doing what he wants to do." The true boss move might have been Lil Nas X simply playing Beyoncé and dancing on stage to it at a sold-out room; an impressive feat for only having one album of material. Drollinger compared moments like that to "hanging out with him." 

Now that Oasis is on Lil Nas X's radar, something Drollinger calls "validating"; those of you already in the know, are surely aware the club is putting on some spectacular shows for the rest of this spooky season.   

Drollinger is currently presenting SQREAM, a ‘90s musical drag parody on 1996's Scream – Wes Craven's meta-masterpiece that began this horror slasher-franchise. Drollinger is serving Drew Barrymore terrified on-the-phone realness in a deliciously camp comedy poster. He gets the good roles as he'll be playing Barrymore and Courteney Cox's part in this sure-to-be hilarious production. 

You can be like Lil Nas X and hang at Oasis or check out one of the remaining seven productions of SQREAM starting this Thursday night.