Livermore trivia: How well do you know your city?

How well do you know your city?  We took the streets of downtown Livermore to see just how much knowledge "Livermorians" have of their fair city.

Our first stop the Centennial Light which has been burning for well over 100 years at a local firehouse. The once 60 watt bulb is now down to just four watts, but it's still burning bright. t William McKinley was our President when the bulb began burning. He served less than 1 term.  The light was purchased from the Shelby Electric company in Ohio for 40 cents. That same light today would cost $10.

Livermore is also home to some of the oldest wineries in California. Wente and Concannon date back to the 1880's.  Any idea how many wineries are now producing wine in the Livermore Valley?   It's not Napa numbers, but the answer may surprise you!!

The Lawrence Livermore Lab is the city's biggest employer. Atomic element number 116 was discovered at the lab. It has the symbol LV.  The name has a very "Livermore" feel to it. So, what is the name of this radioactive element??  Here's a hint. Combine the words of Livermore and auditorium!!   It might help.

Livermore has produced some Hall of Fame athletes!  One stands out among the rest because he is 6 foot 10 inches tall!  He also had an amazing career on the mound for a number of MLB teams including the Giants. He won over 300 games and was the pride of Livermore High back in the early 80's. Hisnickname was the "Big Unit."  That should give it away!!

And did you know that a well-known KTVU anchor grew up in Livermore.  She was a Granada High School graduate and will actually be anchoring our Zip-Trip Morning in Livermore on June 7th.  If you don't know the answer come down 1st street and say hi. 


1. Centennial Light - It has been burning for over 100 years in the Livermore-Pleasanton fire houses.   Outside of blackouts and four moves, it has never gone out by itself.  Started burning in 1901. It was oroginally a 60 watt bulb - it's about 4 watts now. It cost 40 cents at the time, today it would about $10.

2. Livermore Vineyards - Livermore is home to more than 50 vineyards. Wente started in 1883, Concannon in 1883 and Cresta Blanca in 1882.

3. Lawrence Livermor Lab is Livermore's biggest employer. The research and development lab was Established back in 1952.   It employees  over 6300 people with a budget of 1.5 billion.
And it also has the distinction of creating our planets 116th atomic element, Livermorium.

4. Randy Johnson  was one of the most dominate left handers ever to play baseball winning 303 games.   Born in Walnut Creek but raised in Livermore, he graduate from Livermore High School i n 1982 and played for six big league teams including the Giants before he was inducted into baseball's hall of fame in 2015.   

5. Gasia Mikaelian is well known anchor at KTVU and grew up right in Livermore.  She is a proid Granada Hugh School graduate.