Lizzo headlines BottleRock, refuses to let unsettling signs upset her

Singer-songwriter Lizzo refused to let unfriendly neighbors spoil her performance at BottleRock this weekend as she became the first Black woman to headline at the Napa Valley music festival. 

Lizzo told tens of thousands of fans that she saw unsettling signs as she approached the festival.

SFGate reports seeing signs at one home that read "Choke the Woke' and "Cancel Cancel Culture." 

"I saw signs talking about how they want to cancel people like me. Silence people like me. Choke people like me. And they right across the street," Lizzo said in a song break during her rendition of "Special," SFGate reported.

"So we’re going to sing this one more time, so they can hear it, because maybe they haven’t heard it in a long time," said Lizzo in reference to her lyric, "In case nobody told you today, you're special."