‘Look who’s come to visit today’: Australian woman finds massive python on fence

It’s not uncommon for Belinda Barrie to see little green tree snakes near her Australian home.

But she said the one she saw after her May 1 workout made her heart stop. It was a massive python and it was straddling her fence.

“This is the first carpet python I’ve seen in 15 years,” Barrie told Storyful.

Barrie described herself as “quite phobic” of the creatures. After she regained her composure, she realized the snake “wasn’t there for me.”

She took some video and watched the python bask in the sunlight for two more hours.


An Australian woman spotted a massive python on her fence shortly after finishing her workout. (Credit: Belinda Barrie via Storyful)

“Look who’s come to visit today,” Barrie said. “Lucky me.”

The next day, Barrie found the critter atop a neighboring tree with a “very obvious lump in its belly.”  A neighbor later informed her that it had been spotted eating an opossum.

Barrie said the snake remained in the tree for a week before moving on.

This story was reported from Atlanta.