Looters smash windows at electronics stores in Oakland, Emeryville

Police in Oakland and Emeryville are investigating instances of looting at electronics stores Wednesday night. 

New video shows windows smashed out at the Best Buy on Mandela Parkway and at the GameStop in Emeryville.

Police responded to the GameStop just after midnight and several suspects ran off. Police made one arrest:  Jose Lujan, 18, of Oakland was booked on suspicion of burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary.

Emeryville police said that "a large caravan of over 25 vehicles" tried to get into Best Buy and couldn't get in.

When they couldn't force entry, police said got out of their cars and smashed out the glass windows at the nearby GameStop, where they pried open the interior barrier doors to enter the business, police said.

Once inside, they stole merchandise, although police didn't detail what was taken.

The looters thedn ran back to their cars and then fled as marked police units began to arrive. 

Oakland police were also out at the Hilti hardware store on 98th Avenue, which was also damaged.

This all happened after police in nearby San Leandro were preparing for possible looting.

They said they had credible information about the Bayfair Center Mall being targeted.

"There was a large number of chatter that said to 'loot until justice is served,' and we believe it has to do with law enforcements that have happened nationwide," said San Leandro police Lt. Ali Khan.

In the end, the mall wasn't hit, but many stores boarded up their windows, just in case.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Emeryville Police Department at 510-596-3700.