Los Gatos party mom will remain in custody for now

Several of the alleged victims of the South Bay mother who's accused of forcing teens to have sex at parties at her house are arguing to keep her in jail during her trial.

One teen testified Tuesday at a bail hearing that Shannon O'Connor "robbed me of my innocence" and left her with searing "memories I’ll have to live with the rest of my life," according to the Mercury News. 

O'Connor faces dozens of criminal charges, including child endangerment, child molestation, and providing alcohol to minors.

She is accused of hosting drunken sex parties for her son and his friends at her former home in Los Gatos

She has been in jail since her arrest in October. 

Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Rebekah Wise said on Tuesday that O'Connor is currently on a no bail hold and prosecutors want to keep in that way.

"Here in this case we have a pattern," Wise said outside court, "here she committed 39 criminal acts against children and the only way for our community to be safe is to keep her in custody."

Wise said O'Connor is considered a flight risk because she fled to Idaho when Bay Area authorities first began investigating her.

No decision was made on whether O’Connor can walk free while awaiting trial. The bail hearing that began will pick up again next month.