Lost teddy bear spends day touring Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Security guards at the Monterey Bay Aquarium found a lost teddy bear. They believed "he" belonged to a student from a visiting school.

They tracked down the owner to the Sea Breeze School in Foster City. 

After finding the owner, staffers at the aquarium decided to take "Ted E. Bear" on a "tour" of the Aquarium. 

They wrote an adorable story to go along with the bear's adventures. One line of the poem reads, "I guess I’ll just finish the visit on my own, that’s not so bad. When you’re happy as a clam there’s no reason to be sad."

"Ted E. Bear" even had a personalized Aquarium nametag made for his tour.

Photos show Ted E. Bear being placed in a box at the end of his tour to safely travel back to his school. 

Read the full poem here.