Made in the Bay: Berkeley gaming company creates 'Diluvion'

BERKELEY, Calif. (KTVU) - A new computer game gives a peek into another world. It's a world in the future where Earth has flooded and everyone is forced to live underwater. Welcome to Diluvion, a game by a young Bay Area gaming company.

"Diluvion means what remains after a flood," explained Arachnid Games founder Leo Dasso.

Dasso started the gaming company three years ago. Jacob Stove Lorentz was first to join bringing his technical savvy.

"I do everything tech," said Stove Lorentz.

Now the team has grown to four. Gil Weinstock is the 3D modeler and Patrick Wagner does a bit of everything.

Wagner says they all "just want to create games that take you to a whole other world that you haven't been to before."

All four men went to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco so it may not come as a big surprise that the game is designed to be visually stunning.

A look around the company's downtown Berkeley office and you see walls are covered with ideas and drawings. In the very crowded waters of game developers, the group is hoping Diluvion makes its mark.

Gil Weinstock says he hasn't seen a lot of games out there like this one but admits this game is "going to dictate the future of this company."

This week Arachnid Games is headed down to E3 2015 and will be showing Diluvion live at a MIX event.

The game is also now available for pre-orders on Kickstarter.

The company is hoping to raise $40,000 so they can explore even deeper waters with Diluvion. There are about two weeks left in the campaign.