Make-A-Wish fulfilled: Woman cooks with Ayesha Curry

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A 20-year-old woman who suffers from a rare genetic disease got to spend a meal and afternoon with a person who inspires her - Ayesha Curry. 

Rachel says Curry has inspired her through her love of family and cooking, and is actually the reason she started cooking in the first place. Now, Rachel is considering culinary school.

Make-A-Wish made it possible to Rachel to meet Curry and they kicked off their afternoon at Curry's restaurant, International Smoke. 

Rachel was given her own customized chef's coat and the pair began cooking together. They made a few dishes included tomato burrata, salad and ribs, as they got to know each other. 

They then took their feast and headed to Golden Gate Park for a picnic on the lawn. 

The women spent several hours chatting, and Curry encouraged Rachel to follow her dream of culinary school.

She then gifted Rachel her signed cookbook 'A Seasoned Life,' spatulas from her line and a gift card to Rachel's favorite store - Zara. She had also shipped a box of cookware to Rachel's home.