Make A Wish granted: Sacramento boy becomes 'Ghost Buster'

Five-year-old London Green saw 'Ghost Busters' when he was just three years old, and has been obsessed with the movie ever since. 

For London's 'Make A Wish' he opted to live out his dream as being a hero for a day as a real life ghost buster.

London was born without a pulmonary artery. London's father tells KTXL, "His valves were twisted and he had a hole in the bottom." He has already undergone four heart surgeries and weeks of hospital stays for a congenital heart defect.

So when the Make-A-Wish Foundation found out about his dream to be a 'Ghost Buster,' they recruited some Sacramento residents to make it happen.

With his proton pack strapped on, and his ghost meter in hand, London hunted some haunted spirits in Old Sacramento.

He followed trails of slime around the city to track down ghosts in the Railroad Museum, and zap a ghost inside the Old Eagle Theater.

 But it was a trail of marshmallows that led him to his final mission of catching 'Marshmallow Man.' 

Like any true hero, the mayor was there at the end of London's journey to award him the highest honor in Sacramento - the key to the city.