Man accused of racist, homophobic rant on camera in San Ramon arrested

Authorities arrested Denver resident Jordan Krah, 40, for two counts of hate crime for an incident in San Ramon on Christmas Eve.

Krah approached two customers filming a TikTok at an In-N-Out restaurant and harassed the pair with homophobic and racist attacks, according to San Ramon police.

The friends were filming themselves on the social media platform trying different menu items when Krah made remarks such as "You're filming yourself while eating? You're weird homosexuals."

"It was a really big shock factor," Arine Kim told KTVU. "He did not look entirely mentally well. He just kept on spewing nonsense."

Krah is also accused of harassing another woman, Abigail Halili and her siblings on Christmas Day as they peeked into a store in downtown Danville with a similar rant. They are of Filipino descent.

The man yelled, "You guys are gonna vandalize the shop, you're gonna rob the place, I don't trust you guys. Leave! You guys are Filipino idiots!" Halili told KTVU.