Small aftershocks follow earthquake near San Ramon

There was an earthquake near San Ramon that registered a 3.8-magnitude. It had initially popped up as a 4.0-magnitude quake along the Calaveras fault. Aftershocks of 2.6 and 3.0 followed about 15 minutes after the first shaker.

RV stolen from San Francisco crashes in front of San Ramon City Hall

The driver of a stolen camper crashed and tipped the large white vehicle on its side in front of San Ramon City Hall, causing quite an unusual sight. Police say this vehicle was stolen in San Francisco and spotted in the East Bay about 8 p.m. Wednesday. When they tried to stop the driver, he or she took off.

Apple CEO faces tough questions about app store competition

Apple CEO Tim Cook described the company's ironclad control over its mobile app store as the best way to serve and protect iPhone users, but he faced tough questions about competition issues from a judge Friday about allegations he oversees an illegal monopoly.  

Florists add much needed color to seniors' lives in dark times

With the Coronavirus draining much of the joy and color from the world these days, a small group of florists in San Ramon are trying to put some of it back, for people who perhaps need it most--those who are tucked away in senior care homes.