Man accused of using boy in shoplifting scheme

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Mount Dora Police say Edwin Diaz came up with a plan to get a free TV, by using his 10-year-old son to walk it right out the front doors of a Walmart.  But first, they say, he had to create a distraction.

"He apparently walked up to one of the door greeters and told them he was missing a 2-year-old child and had them assist in looking for the child while he had his 10-year-old son attempting to take the merchandise outside without paying for it," explained Corporal Jessica Howell.

When police showed up, they say Diaz got into a car and drove out of the parking lot, leaving his son behind.  An officer was able to locate the car Diaz was in and arrested him a short while later.

The boy walked out of the store with the stolen items but was stopped by Walmart security, police said.  He told police his dad made him do it.  According to the police report, when police talked to Diaz, "he denied everything and said his son was lying."

Diaz was arrested on charges of felony retail theft and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.