Man arrested for slashing tires at East Bay apartment complex

San Leandro police Monday arrested a man who allegedly slashed the tires of dozens of vehicles belonging to residents who shared the same San Leandro apartment complex as the suspect's family.

A resident of Parkside Commons Apartment Homes, located at 900 143rd Ave., called police to report a man slashing the tires of parked cars at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. The resident had awoken to the sound of what he thought was a gas leak, until he looked outside and witnessed the suspect in action.

Police responded shortly thereafter and determined that the suspect had intentionally deflated the tires of 16 vehicles using a large knife or a similar tool to quickly puncture and deflate the tires, according to San Leandro police.

Initially, however, officers were unable to locate the suspect.

Eventually, investigators were able to gather enough information to name a 35-year-old man with family living in the apartment complex as a suspect. Police are not yet releasing the suspect's identity as the investigation continues.

At 1:30 p.m. Monday afternoon, detectives found and arrested the suspect in the area of B and Third streets in Hayward on suspicion of vandalism. According to police, the damages exceed an estimated $5,000 - qualifying the crime as a felony.

The suspect's motive remains under investigation.

"Unfortunately, many residents in this complex were victimized for a reason that we don't have the answer for yet," San Leandro police spokesman Lt. Robert McManus said in a statement. "Our detectives will interview the suspect and try to answer that question."

The suspect is expected to be interviewed by detectives, booked into Santa Rita Jail, and appear in court on Wednesday afternoon, police said.