Man arrested in connection with Allison Feldman's 2015 murder

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Scottsdale Police announced Tuesday afternoon that a suspect has been arrested, in connection with the 2015 murder case of Allison Feldman.

In February, FOX 10 Phoenix aired a report on Feldman's murder, and how the search was still on for the suspect in the case.

Feldman was last seen alive on Valentine's Day in 2015, and was found dead days later. Feldman, at the time, was a new home owner, received a promotion at work, and had a boyfriend.

Scottsdale Police provided more information on the arrest, in a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

The suspect arrested has been identified by officials as Ian Mitcham, 42. Mitcham, according to Scottsdale Police officials, was arrested Tuesday morning. Police officials say have not determined a link between Feldman and Mitcham, who reportedly lives in Tempe.

According to officials, DNA evidence allegedly links Mitcham to the case. Last year, police officers collected voluntary DNA samples from neighbors of Feldman before the second anniversary of her death.

DPS Director Col. Frank Milstead says the same DNA analysis process used in the "Grim Sleeper" investigation in the Los Angeles area was used in this case. He went on to say that the Feldman case is the first case in Arizona history to undergo this kind of DNA analysis process.

Police, however, refrained from releasing certain details in the case, citing an ongoing investigation.

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The Associated Press (AP) contributed to this report.