Oakland man charged with hate crime against gay couple

An Oakland man has been charged with a hate crime for repeatedly using a derogatory term while threatening to kill a gay couple who are his neighbors, according to court documents.

Kevin Bryan Davis, 60, was charged by Alameda County prosecutors with a misdemeanor hate crime. He was arrested by Oakland police and has since made bail. 

Davis stood outside the couple's home in the city's Eastmont Hills neighborhood, yelling derogatory remarks and threatening to kill the couple if they didn't move in two weeks, authorities said.

A neighbor used her cell phone and recorded him yelling. KTVU obtained a copy of the video from the witness. 

"There should be knowledge built around all these hate crimes, to point out the amount of people that are affected by it. It's something that should be shown," one of the victims said to KTVU. "I just feel like even in this time and age, people should be more accepting. This isn't the first time with this same guy. The first time he vandalized our property. He threw flower pots, and this time he threatened to kill us if we didn't move."

The witness who took the video told KTVU, "I would describe it as appalling, especially because this isn't the first time he's done something like this. And it seems like nothing has really changed."

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