Man convinced stolen Glock is in the hands of middle school kids

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A Santa Clara resident said his Glock handgun and ammunition were stolen during a home burglary last Thursday afternoon. He is convinced the weapon is in the hands of middle school students.

Ezekiel Chavez was gone for no more than three hours when he said a group of young boys entered through an unlocked sliding glass back door at his home near White Drive and Benton Street.

“When I walked through the kitchen, I could see all the cabinet drawers were pulled out, stuff was scattered all over the floor,” said Chavez. 

Among the items stolen were a PlayStation 4, Jordan shoes and a designer belt. Chavez then noticed his ammunition box, tucked away high up on a shelf, was emptied out and all 200 rounds were gone. 

He then checked for his Glock handgun and it was gone. Chavez bought the nine millimeter handgun for protection, kept hidden and stored separately in a locked box. He believes the burglars stumbled upon the ammunition and then went looking for a gun. 

“My kids and wife are scared every time I come home pretty much when it's dark. They think somebody's going to be inside the house waiting with a gun,” said Chavez. 

A neighbor's surveillance camera captures who police are calling a person of interest walking past his front lawn. Chavez has shared this video on social media and he now believes he knows the identity of the young man who he said is an eighth grader.

“Why he's not in custody, I don't know,” said Chavez. “It's kind of frustrating.”

Santa Clara Police said they are actively working the case but have no hard leads.

“We are at the point where we are asking any help from the public,” said Capt. Wahid Kazem of Santa Clara Police. “We are just hoping nothing nefarious happens with it and it gets returned back hopefully with the people responsible for committing this crime.” 

“There's a kid in Santa Clara walking around with a nine millimeter right now,” said Chavez. “I just want the police to get it back to me and make the streets safe.”