Man has A's gear stolen, team responds directly

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When John Carrarini had his truck stolen from the Union City BART station it wasn’t his vehicle he was most concerned about, but rather his Oakland A’s gear. But the A’s stepped to the plate. They reinforced a lifelong fan’s allegiance with a supremely kind gesture.

Two days after his birthday, on August 1, Carrarini and his family went to see the A’s play the Giants at the Coliseum in Oakland. It was when they returned to the BART station to drive home that they noticed their truck was missing.

Carrarini’s daughter, Leah, was devastated for her father, so she took to Twitter. “My dad's truck got stolen and he's most upset about is his @Athletics jackets that were in there,” she wrote in a tweet.

The A’s responded almost immediately.

“I couldn’t ask for a better experience with the A’s,” Leah said. “They were so accommodating and sweet.”

They asked for style and size and just like that two jackets were on the way. Only they were put on back order for a grueling month. Carrarini had no idea the level of anxiety his daughter was harboring while she patiently awaited the arrival.

The jackets came on a Thursday. Carrarini was sporting one at the Coliseum on the following Friday.

"I was completely overwhelmed by the A's generosity with the handwritten letter and two new jackets,” Carrarini said. “I was already an A's fan for life, but I will never forget this."