Man in custody for racist threat against acting San Francisco police chief

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San Francisco police have taken a suspect into custody in connection to a racist death threat against the acting police chief. The 60-year-old suspect was identified on Tuesday as Donald Eric Hoganson, according to police.

He was taken into custody on the 2600 block of Ortega Street on July 18 after a search warrant was approved by a judge. While the suspect is in custody, he has not formally been booked.  

The threat was made against acting SFPD Chief Toney Chaplin on Twitter from an account early Saturday morning. The tweet stated, "Let us behead this black man," along with a prayer. Images with the Tweet showed a photo of Chaplin, an image of a guillotine, and a "White Trade Only" sign.

Another tweet from the same account says "white supremacy!" 

The tweets come as police officers are on high alert after officers were fatally shot in Dallas and Baton Rouge. 

The racist tweets also come a week after KKK signs were distributed through the Upper Haight neighborhood in San Francisco.

Chaplin was named as acting chief in May. He is currently looking at various police reforms in the wake of a series of officer-involved shootings. 

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