Man killed in Fremont shooting, another man arrested, police say

Fremont Police Department say a man was arrested in connection to a fatal shooting on Tuesday.

The shooting, where one man was killed, occurred just after 5:15 p.m. on the 4200 block of Doane Street in a residential area. There are no outstanding suspects, police said. 

Officers, who arrived at the scene, found the shooting victim, who later died. Police are still investigating what led up to the shooting. 

A neighbor at the scene said, "When I tried to park my car, like a crazy guy was running towards me and kept saying ‘he gonna kill me, gonna kill me.’ "

A cousin of the victim told KTVU his family member was having a mental health episode when the shooting happened. He said he believes the man who shot him was a neighbor. 

"He's not aggressive, but you never know how other people are going to take it," said Karthik Manivannan, the victim's second cousin. "But he was never aggressive to anyone. He would talk nonsense, but he was never aggressive towards anyone."

The victim's family said they tried to get him help with mental health services in the past, but police and the county said they were overwhelmed with requests. 

The stepson of the suspect said the victim tried to attack his stepfather in their driveway and that he fired in self-defense. 

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Police said the investigation is ongoing. Shortly after 8 p.m., police said in an update that residents could return home and that they would have more information in the coming days.