Man sentenced in stealing over 700 pieces of mail in San Leandro

A Sacramento man has been sentenced for his part in breaking into a USPS mail truck and stealing over 700 pieces of mail during a San Leandro heist, involving wrong-way driving, stolen vehicles and a car crash.

Craig Curtis Freeman was sentenced to two years for breaking into a USPS mail truck, taking more than 700 pieces of mail and placing them into a separate stolen car, before driving away on Dec. 30, 2022.

The 35-year-old pleaded guilty to the breaking and entering into a carrier facility and possession of stolen mail and mail theft charges, federal authorities said.  

The scene first unfolded when the mail carrier was on his route when he suddenly heard a gunshot and saw two people, Freeman and his co-defendant Kaylynn Nicole Ulrich, taking mail from the truck then making their getaway away in another car. 

In Freeman's plea, he admitted to breaking the lock of the mail truck's cargo door, taking the mail, and driving away with it in a stolen car.

Minutes later, police caught up to Freeman and tried to pull him over, but he sped away, only to crash into a truck. Freeman jumped into the truck while Ulrich continued to drive in the stolen car. 

Freeman drove the wrong way on the I-880 North freeway but was eventually caught by authorities.

Ulrich was also caught while she tried to run on foot after crashing the first stolen car.