Man shot dead by Antioch police had BB gun

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The man shot and killed by Antioch police at a 76 gas station was wanted fugitive Lloyd Harris Jr. The 40-year-old has a long criminal history and is well known by local officers.

Sources tell KTVU that Harris was wanted on a federal warrant and for ramming a female Contra Costa County sheriff's K-9 deputy. He was also a person of interest in an Antioch homicide.

Antioch police, because they're so familiar with him, offered to arrest Harris and turn him over to the feds.

 Officers tracked him to a home and followed him to the 76 gas station at Lone Tree Way and Golf Course road at about 5 p.m. Thursday. After he got out, police tried to subdue him with "less-lethal" beanbag rounds fired from a shotgun.

"When I tried to look at the gas station over there, all of a sudden I hear a shotgun sound," said Imsoo Park, who works at a nearby dry cleaners.

But the suspect managed to make it back inside his vehicle-- and while inside, he refused to show his hands, instead reaching in between the car seats, according to police. At that point, a 10-year Antioch police officer opened fire.

"There's about four, five shots. Gunshots. I was like, 'Oh, that's real gunshots,' because this isn't the first time I ever heard them," Park said.

Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks said, "During the attempted arrest, at least one officer fired his handgun, and the subject was struck."

As Harris was taken out of the car, a realistic -looking BB gun fell from his waist, police say.

At the time of the deadly confrontation, he was wanted by the feds for failing to appear in court after violating his probation in a meth case.

Court records show that Harris has a history of evading police and has many convictions, including assault with a deadly weapon, having ammunition and DUI.

The shooting is under investigation by Antioch police and the Contra Costa County district attorney's office.