Man shot dead by Pleasanton police had posed threat with knife, officers' attorney says

KTVU has learned that the man shot and killed by Pleasanton police after a standoff was Cody Chavez, 33.

Police say Chavez ran out of an apartment at about 3:30 p.m. Thursday while armed with a knife, leading two officers to fatally shoot him.

Records show Chavez has a lengthy criminal record.

In 2020, Santa Cruz police arrested Chavez for a hate crime after he allegedly beat a Black man while screaming racial epithets. Chavez was convicted of assault.

Just last month, the Alameda County sheriff's office arrested Chavez for violating a domestic-violence restraining order.

On Thursday, Pleasanton police Lt. Erik Silacci said it was another allegation of abuse that brought officers to an apartment on Willow Road near Owens Drive.

"We received a call from a victim of a domestic violence," Silacci said.

Officers arrived, but the suspect wouldn't come out, leading to a standoff during which a law enforcement source said Chavez smoked methamphetamine.

Police released a photo of the kitchen knife they recovered after the shooting.

Some have questioned whether officers had to use deadly force.

But Doug Foley, an attorney for officers said, "The suspect was charging at some of the officers."

Foley said the suspect came close to a third officer who fired a "less lethal" weapon.

"Everyone was focused on the same goal of having him peacefully exit the apartment and surrender," Foley said. "Unfortunately, when he did finally come out of the apartment, he came out with that knife in hand."

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Don Cameron, a police practices expert said, "You know he could lunge toward the officer and not even take a step, and stab the officer."

Cameron said the suspect's knife posed a deadly threat to police.

"I think it's justified, I mean the guy does have the knife at very close proximity to the officer, and he focuses on the officer as he comes out the door," Cameron said,

The two officers who fired their guns are on paid administrative leaving.The shooting is under investigation by police and the Alameda County DA's office.