Man suspected of burglary, found asleep in Petaluma home

PETALUMA (BCN) - Police arrested a Placerville man after he entered a home in Petaluma Thursday and fell asleep on the couch, police said.

A resident of 1600 Caulfield Lane left an upstairs bedroom at about 2 p.m., went downstairs and found 44-year-old James Adams on her couch asleep, according to police. The two do not know each other, police said.

Police said the resident called 911 after discovering Adams on the couch and locked herself in her bedroom.

Police said officers set up a perimeter and directed the resident to flee her home. On her way out, she woke up Adams, who ran out of the house through the back door, according to police.

Adams kicked down two fence boards and ran into the backyard of the resident's home, police said. Police said he fled to a neighbor's yard and officers discovered him as he appeared in the neighbor's front yard.

Adams complied with officers' commands to get on his knees, but he fought officers when they tried to handcuff him, according to police. Police said officers shot him twice with a stun gun, after which he was willing to put his hands behind his back.

Police said Adams will be evaluated to see whether he was under the influence of drugs. Neither Adams nor officers were injured in the incident, according to police.

Police said burglary appears to have been Adams' motive and police are trying to find out what he did inside the house. The resident has not noticed anything missing from her home except food.

Police said Adams has previously been arrested for being under the influence of drugs, possession of weapons, battery of a police officer, felony DUI, possession of narcotics, violating probation and resisting arrest. The arrests have occurred in both Oregon and California, according to police.

The resident said it appears Adams entered her home when she was asleep, police said. Police said they found no indication that Adams forced his way into the home.

Police said they are unsure how he got inside.

Police said they will transport Adams to Sonoma County Jail on suspicion of burglary and resisting arrest. Bail will be set at $30,000, according to police.