Maned wolf pup born at Texas zoo

FILE - Lyra, female maned wolf pup.

She’s so fluffy! 

The Abilene Zoo in Texas welcomed Lyra, a female maned wolf pup, as the newest addition to their family. 

Lyra was born on Dec. 18, 2023, and has since been bonding with her mother in their private quarters, the zoo said in a news release. 

"This is very exciting, it’s our first maned wolf puppy born in four years. We celebrated the first-ever AZA International Maned Wolf Day a few months ago and we were all secretly hoping for puppies," stated Curator Robert Trejo. 


(Abilene Zoo)

Maned wolves are listed as a near-threatened species and Abilene Zoo is working with AZA SAFE Species to ensure they are saved from extinction. 

"Maned wolves live 12 to 15 years under our care, so at 10 years old, Henry (father) is middle-aged. Given his age, we weren’t sure his bloodline would continue. It makes this birth extra exciting knowing that Henry’s bloodline will continue," said Trejo. 

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(Abilene Zoo)

Lyra was named after the Lyra constellation, a nod to her mother’s name, Vega, which is the brightest star in the Lyra constellation. 

Lyra will continue to stay with her mother, as she nurses and learns to walk for the next three to four weeks, the zoo said. 

Toward the end of February, Lyra and Vega will be reunited with Henry, so the parents can continue to raise the pup together. 

Guests can look forward to seeing Lyra in March. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.