Man's racist tirade against gay couple in San Francisco captured on cellphone video

Cellphone video captured a man's racist tirade against a gay couple in San Francisco.

"I served this goddamned country. So I'm m not racist. I don't like you f— Asian motherf— in my country!" the man yelled at the couple.

The incident happened on Sunday around 3 p.m. near 7th and Market streets.

Witnesses said out of nowhere the man started spewing racial insults at the couple. One of the victims is Asian.

At one point, the man threatened the couple. 

The man can be heard on video saying, "I'm gonna whup your f— ass and his f— worthless ass."

One of the victims responds, "You're worthless."

The man shoots back, "No your mother was worthless because she didn't abort your sorry ass."

Darren Mark Stallcup, who captured the ordeal on video, said, "I think San Francisco is better than this." Adding that "things escalated pretty quickly. I'm pretty surprised no one got physically hurt, but there was a lot of crazy things that were said.

The couple called 911 as the rant continued and the man followed them.

"You can call 911 all you want, you mother f—" the man yelled.

The couple sought refuge at a hotel, where the man let loose with a stream of invective.

"Your boyfriend, you Asian piece of s—!" he shouted.

One of the victims said, "F— you, get out of here."

The Asian victim then began recording the racist rant.

"Your mother's trash. Your mother's trash," the man can be heard saying. "And I don't like you, motherf—."

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After the tirade, another man tried to reason with him, saying, "Hey brother."

But the man snaps, "I'm not your brother!"

The incident comes as the San Francisco Police Department reported 28 cases of hate crimes in June. But authorities say such incidents are frequently underreported.

Last month, Chief Bill Scott held a news conference to announce a hate crimes tip line featuring messages in various languages.

"It's a shock. It's disturbing. It hurts my heart to see it happen in San Francisco," said San Francisco Police Commissioner Larry Yee.

Michael Nguyen, chair of the GLBTQ+ Asian Pacific Alliance said, "It's not surprising to me. But I'm also, I'm really saddened. I hope the folks who are, the victims of that attack are getting support where they need."

San Francisco police are investigating the incident. Authorities urge anyone who is a victim of a hate crime to report it.