Marble video shows how tilted SF's Millennium Tower is

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A video that's been making the rounds on social media demonstrates exactly how tilted San Francisco's sinking Millennium Tower is. 

Frank Jernigan, a resident in the 58-story luxury tower located at 301 Mission Street posted the clip to Vimeo last week. At first glance it appears he tosses the marble in one direction and seems obvious why the marble would roll, but in the video, appropriately titled, "Marble roll in Millennium Tower", when the marble loses momentum, it rolls back to the direction from which it came. 

It has previously been reported that the tower sunk as much as 16 inches and is leaning around 15 inches to the northwest at its peak, and that it could sink more. 

But the developers, Millennium Partners, have maintained that the building remains safe even in the event of an earthquake. They've also blamed neighboring construction of the Transbay Transit Center for any continuing settling of the building. 

On Thursday San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera is holding a news conference at 10 a.m. where he plans to announce a major legal development regarding Millennium Tower. The announcement is said to be of "general public interest".  


Marble roll in Millennium Tower from Frank Jernigan on Vimeo.