Massive fever of cownose rays spotted off St. Pete

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A fever of cownose rays was spotted in waters off St. Petersburg, Florida this weekend. A drone captured video of the fever as it migrated through the area. 

Michael McCarthy with See Through Canoe was in the right place at the right time and captured the amazing footage. 

See Through Canoe posted the video on Facebook, saying, "This large gathering of Cownose Rays happens every year in the same spot but only lasts for a few days. The rays start showing up at a specific location and once the group reaches a certain size, which only takes a few days, they leave the area as a huge fever and migrate."

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It seems like an almost impossible task to count how many rays were in this fever. One commenter guessed 10,000. 

See Through Canoe invited its Facebook followers to guess the number as part of an online contest.

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