Meat plant shutdowns lead to fast-food shortages, limits on purchases

Several of the nation's top meat-processing plants have shut down, and now, that's starting to impact what you can buy in Bay Area stores and restaurants.

Meat-producing giant, Tyson Foods, warned about problems with the food supply chain

And now, the company says the nation's capacity to process pork has fallen 50 percent.

California, however, is somewhat protected from these supply chain problems, because we have so many independent, smaller ranches.

But even here in the Bay Area, people are starting to see the impact of this.

At three different locations at Wendy's in San Jose, there are signs posted that the fast-food chain is out of some popular items, including, burgers.

Some of the items were crossed off the menu. Some customers checking the Wendy's app saw that only chicken items were available.

The signs at the drive-thru say it's because of interruptions to the supply chain.

And shoppers at Bay Area Costco stores are now starting to see limits on meat purchases in stores.

Costco says its members can buy no more than three fresh meat products at a time.

More than 20 major meat processing plants in the United States, mostly in the midwest and south, had to close down because of coronavirus outbreaks at the plants- that have sickened and killed plant workers.

Allie Rasmus is a reporter for KTVU.  Email Allie at and follow her on Twitter@arasmusKTVU