Memorial to honor the women killed at Yountville veterans center

A memorial is scheduled Monday at 6 p.m. for the three women killed at the Yountville veterans center in the Lincoln Theater on campus.

The service is to honor the memory of: Christine Loeber, executive director of the Pathway  Home treatment program, clinical director Jennifer Golick and psychologist Jennifer Gonzales Shushureba. All three, along with Gonzales-Shushuerba’s unborn baby, all died earlier this month by ex-Army soldier Albert Wong, one of their former clients.

Wong, 36, had sought treatment at the facility before the was asked to leave the program because of problems with his behavior. Wong was a former US Army infantryman who served in Afghanistan. 

Ten days ago, investigators say Wong took the women hostage and shot and killed them during a nearly daylong standoff inside the Pathway Home building. 

The memorial will focus on the womens' lives -- their contributions as clinical psychologists and social workers.

“Those women were splendid people,” said veteran Fred Hutton. “I talked to them about twice a week at least. it really is a tragedy.” 

Added Katryana Zide of Yountville: “You really are not able to believe it. it is still sinking in when you are used to seeing people every day and they are not here anymore.”  


The Pathway Home shut down operations because of what happened; Loeber was the organization's executive director. Without her and her two psychologists. Without them, the nonprofit can't continue providing services to the veterans who were getting care there.

The six veterans who were living at pathway home have now been moved to other facilities to continue their treatment.