Metallica gets in on 39th annual Penny Pitch charity to benefit SF's St. Anthony's

The Penny Pitch is an old pub game, but it’s also a San Francisco tradition that raises a lot of money for St. Anthony’s Foundation, one of the city’s core charities.  This year was the 39th annual event.

The charity serves meals and provides services to the homeless and other vulnerable residents in San Francisco. 

It’s held every year at Momo’s, the bar and restaurant across the street from AT&T Park, but this year, The SFPD and SF Fire Department usually participate, but this year Metallica got in on the action as a special guest team.

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo practiced his form in the “high stakes competition”
“Two years ago Javie Lopez and I went and we helped serve lunch [at St. Anthony’s] it was really very rewarding and impactful to me and I vowed that I would always be here for St Anthony's,” said Trujillo.

The object of the game is to get your penny as close as you can to the wall.

“Man, I was under so much pressure. I've been invited for the last two years. [It’s a] nice way to give back to the less fortunate,” said Vida Blue, former A’s pitcher after finding out he’d just won a round.

The firefighter’s team was down a player so KTVU’s own Tara Moriarty lent her pitching abilities.

Franciscan friars were on hand to keep any cheating at bay. Plus there’s good-natured ribbing.

In the end, the pennies pitched translate into thousands of dollars for St. Anthony’s, a fact the Osborne’s are proud of. They’ve been hosting the event for more than a decade.

Janet Osborne, owner of Momo’s, estimated the proceeds at about $100,000. She said it’s great for a “wonderful organization”.

“They're helping put food on the table. They're helping teach people how to use computers so that they can apply for jobs, they're helping put clothes on people's backs, kids coming getting ready for school. It's great to see,” said Barry Stenger, executive director at St. Anthony’s.

Unfortunately, ‘Team Metallica’ didn’t make it to the finals.