Metallica, SF Symphony to take stage at Chase Center's inaugural event

After years of waiting for Chase Center to open, the day is finally here. Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra are set to rock the stage at 8 p.m. Friday night.

Chase Center is already rocking out with some would-be rock stars playing Guitar Hero.

But, in a matter of hours, these guitar heroes will be replaced by rock royalty when Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra inaugurate the new venue.

"It feels just electric around here. I just texted Joe Lacob, and he said, yes that's the word," said Warriors President Rick Welts. "Electric around here today."

Welts said crews have been working right up until show time to make sure fans have a great experience. He said they've had a number of private events to help work out any kinks. "There'll be a learning curve. But, I think we've done all the preparation we can to make it as enjoyable experience as we can."

Chase Center may have already dodged its first pitfall San Francisco fire crews and PG&E responded to a vault fire nearby that knocked out power in the neighborhood, Chase Center was unaffected.

Third Street was shut down directly in front of the center for a little more than an hour while crews worked to fix the problem.

A select crowd of Netjets users got in early to watch Metallica and the Symphony's final dress rehearsal before the show.

"I'm here for Metallica, man! Rock on!" said Jeff Romano,

Some saying they remember the last time the two teamed up. "I did see that several years ago and it was a fantastic show! I'm a fan of the symphony, a fan of Metallica. I bought the whole album after that," said Romano.

While fans were focused on the music, San Francisco police are focused on working with Chase Center security. The department said there will be a sizable police presence both uniformed and plainclothes.

They said there will be a steep learning curve for them when it comes to policing Chase Center, but they said they've planned as much as they can including, how to handle a major emergency on the notoriously crowded 3rd Street.

"We do have a number of plans. We don't disclose those plans." said San Francisco Police Department's Robert Rueca. "But, again we will be working with our city partners to address any issues."

Muni is planning to help manage the sellout crowd. "Not only are we adding up to 12 two-car trains on the T Line to get people to the front door of Chase," said Erica Kato from SF Municipal Transportation Authority. "But, we're also providing shuttle bus service, that's an express route that will take people from the 16th St. BART Station Chase Center as well."

Although the show starts at 8 p.m., doors open at 6:30 p.m. a lot of people expected to show up early to check out Chase Center and get ready for the show.

If you miss out tonight, there will be another show Sunday evening.

WATCH on YouTube: Visitors arrive at Chase Center for the inaugural event