Mike Tyson punches passenger on plane at SFO and the internet goes wild

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was seen punching a man aboard an airplane at San Francisco International Airport, TMZ reported, and the internet went wild. 

"Keep your HANDS to yourself," Christina Marie Martinez wrote on Facebook. "Why is so hard for adults to do this…Shame on him."

But then others said what Tyson did – punching an apparently inebriated passenger in the face who was seated behind him on Wednesday night – was justified. 

"I don’t blame you Mike," Ben Ruckman posted. "When someone (especially Mike Tyson) asks you to leave them alone, you leave them tf alone. You were warned. He’s lucky he ain’t dead." 

Ejike Esomonu wrote: "Don’t ever mess with Iron Mike. He’s still one of the strongest humans to ever walk this planet. I won’t do what he did though nor do I support violence." 

A witness on the plane told TMZ that he and his friend were boarding Tyson's flight and that the boxing legend was initially pleasant with him and other passengers.

The witness told TMZ that Tyson took a selfie with him and was patient with his "overly excited" friend, who attempted to talk with Tyson as he sat behind him.

According to TMZ, Tyson soon became fed up with the man, who sported a short buzz cut, behind him talking in his ear. Tyson's reps told TMZ the man also threw a water bottle at him. Tyson told the man to relax and when he didn't, the video shows Tyson throwing several punches in the man's face. 

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TMZ obtained two videos from the confrontation.  

The first video shows the man trying to talk with Tyson. Moments later, the video shows Tyson hitting the man over his first class seat on a JetBlue flight en route to Florida. 

A second video shows Tyson standing up from his seat and throwing punches. The witness told TMZ that Tyson walked off the plane seconds after the incident. 

The man who was punched received medical attention and went to the police to address the confrontation, TMZ reported. 

The video showed that the man had a few bloody scratches on his head.  

The video also showed that the man appears to be intoxicated.

San Francisco police said the man was treated at the scene for facial injuries but provided "minimal details" o the incident and refused to cooperate further.

Sarah Burchfield of Berkeley, who was on the plane, told KTVU she had noticed the drunk man at the airport bar and was "annoyed" to learn he was on her flight.

"Rarely ever a reason for violence, but also you need to know when to back off and leave someone alone," Burchfield said.

Others noticed the man's behavior, too, and they didn't like it. 

"The passenger was drunk and harassing Tyson," one person wrote. "Now, he'll get a payday for his back behavior." 

Federal authorities told KTVU on Thursday that there were no arrests in the incident and that it was a "mutual altercation." 

Tyson had been in San Francisco for the 4/20 cannabis event at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park. 

KTVU reached out to JetBlue Thursday for a comment, but has not received a response yet. It's unclear if both men will be allowed on board future flights with the airline. 

KTVU legal analyst Michael Cardoza said of Tyson, "He has no right to punch anybody, no matter what that person said to him. That's not justification for punching someone, especially with Mike Tyson's skills."