Millbrae councilman says someone dropped brick on his head at San Francisco's Land's End

A Millbrae city council member says he was attacked Saturday night while with his family in a San Francisco park. 

Anders Fung took to social media to describe the incident.  

Fung says he first thought he was hit in the head by accident. 

But when two people continued to throw things at him, he knew he was being attacked on purpose.  

Fung posted pictures on Facebook, showing the 5:30 p.m. attack near Land’s End in San Francisco. 

Fung says a concrete brick was dropped from this cliff, hitting him in the head and leaving this two-inch wound on his scalp.  

"As my family came to my rescue, they looked up and was yelling at the perpetrator who was still throwing objects, heavy objects, down from above. About 20 feet high," Fung said.    

Fung says before fleeing the scene, they were flipped off by the perpetrator and his accomplice. 

A family member took this photo of the two young men from behind as they got away. 

The family called park police and Fung was taken to California Pacific Medical Center for treatment of his head injury.  

"They had a few units out looking for the perpetrator, based on the description that we gave them, based on the photo that we texted them," Fung said.    

While stopping short of calling the incident a hate crime, Fung doesn’t believe it’s a coincidence that these senseless acts of violence continue to happen.   

"I’ll be happy to work with the US Attorney’s office should they be able to bring the perpetrator to justice, and properly categorize this incident, this crime that was committed against me. But what is undeniable in what happened, an AAPI elected official was assaulted yesterday," Fung said.   

Fung says it’s important that people continue to report incidents of violence and harassment. He also says he expects to fully recover and is grateful no one else was seriously hurt.