Miracle, the 2 pound mini-pig gets tiny wheelchair to get around

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Miracle the miniature pig has some new equipment to help him move around: A brand new miniature wheelchair. 

The tiny pig was born without the use of his hind legs. Though from the looks of it, he does not let it slow him down and does just fine keeping up with his siblings.

"He acts like he's just like them," breeder Ari Smith of Colorado Cutie Pigs told KTVU/Fox 2. "He pushes them over. He handles his own out there."

Not bad, considering he weighs just a fraction of his six to nine pound siblings. At two pounds, Miracle turns five weeks old on Wednesday.

He was born to a litter of six mini pigs and came out almost at the same time as another sibling.

His breeders think that he may have been squashed while in the womb, didn't have room to grow, and that may have caused his birth defect. 

One hind leg is "tiny and the other hind leg is tucked underneath," said Smith.

His caretakers say they did not expect he would survive, as mother animals sometimes abandon a "sick" newborn.

But mother pig Babe did not turn away her tiny piglet. And the little guy began to thrive. He's being called a fighter.

On Monday, Miracle got fitted with a new prototype wheelchair made by HandicappedPets.com.

The company provided the prototype for free and adjustments are being made so the device will fit Miracle better.

Over Miracle's life, he'll need a newly sized wheelchair to fit him as he grows, Smith said. 

A friend has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for Miracle's ongoing care.

Smith said Miracle's siblings are getting ready to be placed in their permanent homes in a few weeks.

She's received numerous inquiries from people who want to adopt Miracle, but Smith plans to keep her little fighter with his mother, saying he's "thriving right where he is."