Jazmin Pelligrini, missing teen, found dead in San Francisco

An East Bay family was on a desperate mission to find out what happened to their 15-year-old daughter who was found dead in San Francisco

Jazmin Pelligrini had been struggling with the trauma of past sexual abuse and mental illness, they said.

They were concerned that foul play may be involved. There was sadness and frustration. They said they had a lot of questions about what happened, but have gotten no answers.  

"We're asking people if they've seen anything," said Ametiszt Hajdu, the teen's aunt, as she passed out flyers asking for security camera videos in the city's Ingleside neighborhood where Jazmin's body was found, "She went missing from Bay Point.  Did somebody take her here? We want to know what happened to her."

The teen's mother and stepfather, Marta and Sandor Barany, grieved at the site where she was found, lying face down in the driveway of a home on Lobos Street on Saturday at 11:30 a.m., The spot was marked with a flower and a flyer from the family.

"We definitely need some help from somewhere, anywhere," said Sandor.


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The couple said they last saw Jazmin at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday at their family home and that she left with no phone or money. She had been released from a psychiatric hospital three hours earlier, they said.

The family said Jázmin had been struggling for years with PTSD, bipolar disorder and anxiety after coping with sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Jazmin's mother became emotional and became too distraught to speak about her daughter.

The family said Jazmin had been hospitalized dozens of times in recent years. They said they reported her missing the night she disappeared. But less than three days later, she was found dead in San Francisco, a city that the family said was unfamiliar to her.  

San Francisco police said there are no signs of foul play so far, but they are treating this case as a death investigation. They said they were waiting for the autopsy results. 

The family said the Medical Examiner's Office said it could take up to 90 days to determine the cause of death. 

The family shared a video of Jazmin speaking in Hungarian, telling her mom she loved her in in a message she recorded last year. The teen and her family immigrated to the United States in 2019. They said she loved animals, drawing and baking.

Relatives put up a small decorated cross at a park in the area where Jazmin was found. They said they have no idea how she died, but they're concerned that someone may have lured her to the city and that she may have been drugged.

"How can we cope? We want answers. We want to know who was with her. How did she get to San Francisco," said Ametiszt.  

Relatives said they will do everything they can to find out what happened.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses. 

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