Mixed reaction from Raiders' fans as team searches for permanent home

The announcement the Oakland Raiders are staying put for at least another season has fans on cloud nine. However, their excitement is guarded since a lot of questions remain surrounding a permanent home for the Raiders.

A lot of happy fans were at Ricky’s Sports Theatre and Grill in San Leandro on Tuesday night but the excitement comes with some disappointment over the Raiders uncertain future and owner Mark Davis’s comments.

Inside Ricky’s, diehard Raider fans waved their flags proud knowing the Silver and Black are staying in Oakland at least for now.

“Raider Nation you ought to be proud of yourself because we fought for this, for years we fought for this,” said Raider Larry of Dublin.

“There's nothing bad about them being in that stadium for another year, and many more to come,” said Mario Rivas of Berkeley.

Rivas has been a Raiders fan since the 1970’s. While he's happy, the Raiders aren't moving. He’s not too happy with owner Mark Davis who said he's still looking for a "home" for the Raiders.

“As such a long loyal Raider fan, you kind of say this is your home,” said Rivas. “You have a home, you don't need to go anywhere else from that standpoint we were disappointed in his comments."

“For Mark to get on the stage to say that, that's a low blow. Mark you need to move back to LA. Leave the team here and leave the name Oakland Raiders here.”

It’s unclear how long the raiders will stay in Oakland. The San Diego Chargers still have to decide if they want to share the stadium with the Rams. If the team doesn't, it leaves the door open for the Raiders to go south.

“I was crying in my car on the way over here,” said Julie Schloss of San Leandro. “Now, I’m relaxed a little bit. Once that euphoria is gone just starting to think what's going to happen.”

The Raiders will reportedly get $100 million from the NFL help build a stadium in Oakland. Fans know that won't be enough and are hoping city leaders and the team will eventually come to an agreement.

“I really think they are going to work it out,” said Raider Larry. “Mark Davis has no choice but to go to Libby Schaaf now."

The Save Oakland Sports organization issued a statement saying Tuesday’s announcement gives them renewed hope and called it perhaps one of the greatest days in Raiders history.