Mom warns parents about danger of stocking holders after son loses eye

A mom is warning others after an accident with her son during the Christmas season a few years ago. 

Nicole (who does not want to use her last name) posted a photo with her son that was taken three years ago. In the photo, the mother and son are in an emergency room with a large bandage covering his eye.

Nicole says her son, who was 12 months old at the time, was home with his nanny when he pulled on a Christmas stocking, and the weighted holder fell. The stocking hit her son in "directly in the left eye." 

She says her son was rushed to emergency surgery and that's when doctors told her his eye would need to be removed. They said the damage was too extensive. He ended up having to have enucleation surgery one week later, which means his left eye was removed.

Nicole wrote, "Our story has a happy ending. Our son has a flawless prosthetic eye. He is one of the silliest, bravest, most fun-loving boys I know. He plays soccer, t-ball, and he loves swimming. We are lucky."

Nicole said she decided to share her post because she wants to raise awareness. She wants parents to reconsider using weighted stocking holders. She says there are much safer alternatives out there. 

Editor's note: Nicole didn't want her son's name or city shared to protect his identity