Moms take boys to Watsonville Police department to apologize for behavior

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Two moms decided to teach their sons a lesson about consequences after they saw a video on social media showing their sons misbehaving. 

In a video posted on social media one of the boys was recording video of the other boy jumping on the hood of a parked police patrol car before he ran over the roof and jumped off .

No damage was done to the patrol car, but the moms were concerned by what they saw. 

The mothers talked and decided to bring the boys down to the station to apologize to a group of about 20 officers. As punishment one of the boys committed to doing community service at a local food bank. "The other mother insisted that their whole family wash our patrol cars to make up for what her son had done," according to Watsonville Police. 

Photos posted on the Watsonville Police Facebook page show one of the boys with his mom washing a police SUV and smiling. 

Watsonville Police posted about the incident on Facebook saying, "Bravo to both mothers for turning this into an experience that we can all learn from!"