More snow in Napa County Monday as some residents face fourth day without power

More snow and icy cold descended on Napa County Monday, as power outages continued to force some residents to fend for themselves for heat and light. Many turned to gas-powered generators to stay warm as they endured four straight days without power.

"The power went out Thursday, and we haven't had it since," said Louann Best, who lives on Soda Canyon Road with her mother. The stress has been enough to bring tears welling up as she talked about how they lost power and water Thursday night.

"My mom's on oxygen. She is on hospice. And the biggest thing for me is making sure that she has oxygen," said Best.

Best says they started running a generator to power her mother Linda's oxygen machine. Extensions cords had to be snaked through the open door to Best's bedroom keeping the room as cold as the air outdoors.

"My bedroom was 30 degrees," said Best. 

Some neighbors had to work together last Friday just to clear Soda Canyon Road so Best and other residents could make daily trips down the mountain to get gas for generators.

"I'm on disability. My back, my legs, I'm in pain every day and trying to lift five-gallon gas cans not easy. It's very difficult for me, but you have to do it. You have to, that's my mom's lifeline," said Best.

The storm's heavy snowfall and winds have taken down hundreds of trees and power lines in Napa County.

Cal Fire spokesman Jason Clay says in the North Bay says they got 566 calls for storm-related emergencies Friday in a 24-hour period.

Pacific Gas & Electric crews lined up on Soda Canyon Road, trying to keep up with all the power outages. The company reported about 3,500 outages by midday. 

"Today we had sleet, we had snow, we had hail today. It's just been nonstop," said Shelley Wolfe, a Soda Canyon Road resident, "Nobody really realizes how bad it got up here...We were stuck here all of Friday, there were so many trees down."

"This is where neighbors have worked together to pile up trees and branches," said Napa County District 3 Supervisor Anne Cottrell as she stood near a pile of downed tree limbs stacked along the side of Newton Way in Angwin.

Conttrell says it could take weeks to clear all the debris countywide, maybe longer, with more cold and rain on the way.

Over in Lake Berryessa they've set up a generator to serve some residents who are without power, according to Cottrell, and other areas in the mountains are bracing for yet another round of stormy weather.

"On the valley floor we've been spared the big impacts but as you increase in elevation, the impact will go up, so we expect more rain and potentially more snow up here," said Cottrell.

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