Mother accuses Richmond in-home daycare of injuring 1-year old

A young mother is accusing a licensed home daycare in unincorporated Richmond of injuring her one-year-old child. 

The mother told KTVU the injury occurred when the child was taken on an unauthorized trip out of the facility. The owner of the daycare said they didn't do anything wrong. 

Holding her baby boy, Navy, Breonna Wills said the injuries he suffered were horrific. 

"I got out of the car, I took Navy upstairs [where there's] more lighting and that's when I noticed all the bruising all over his face," she said. "He has a scratch under his chin. Pinch marks in his ear. Dried blood in his ear." 

Wills posted photos of her son on Facebook alleging the owners of Prime Kingdom Kiddos Daycare injured her child while under their care after taking Navy and three other children on what she called an unauthorized road trip to Oakland. 

"I would think they would let me know: 'We're taking Navy here. We're taking Navy there. All I ever knew is sometime the daycare takes the kids to the park," Wills said. 

The owners don't deny taking the kids, but claim they were given permission to do so via text message.

How Navy was injured remains a mystery. She said she doesn't buy that her mildly autisic child was hitting himself with a doll to sustain the injuries. 

"The doll that they are saying he hit himself with, it's like a rag doll, so it's like a soft doll," said the family's attorney Te'Reisha Grave. "Check out where you're putting your kids. Make sure the daycare has cameras and make sure you know all the staff." 

Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office received the complaint about this incident on Tuesday as did Child Protection Services and social workers. 

The home daycare has been licensed since December 2018. 

We knocked on the daycare's door Friday afternoon but no one answered. 

When reached by phone, the facility's operator Melissa Primes told KTVU her husband had permission to take the kids and that she's in the midst of suing Wills for slander. 

The owners of the daycare say they have therapists and counselors visiting everyday and care for kids in the community.